About Mahatma Candles LLC.

MAHATMA CANDLES is an online shop specializing in the handcrafting of eco - respectful luxurious bath, beauty, body, bath, home, spiritual goods, AKA any & everything that requires comfort.

The name meaning “great-souled.", "mahatma" can refer to any great spirit & person; in India, it is used as a title of love and respect.

There is no candle shop like ours in the community of Detroit.

The production of our products espress our brands individuality & originality this business is currently a one woman show & how Mahatma Candles LLC’s products are made is exactly how I’d like to purchase them.

Our attention to detail & beauty in our products is curated, crafted, & created to the upmost highest of our abilities.

All of our products are aesthetically appealing, environmentally friendly & filled to brim with high quality & chemical free materials conserving an ecological balance.

All of our products are also made of biodegradable sustainable material.

Our goal & mission has always been to give the gift of luxury to provide relaxation & comfort at a competitive yet affordable price throughout our products to women & men around the community around the world that may need it. During these times of unpredictability, discomfort, sickness & depression we enjoy taking pride in creating happiness & joy within our products.

What makes our products unique is each product is handcrafted & made only of the finest & purest materials. We have a large & exclusive line of home goods fit for any occasion & any home setting.

One of our long term goals is to own a candle bar for our customers to be able to have a unique experience to create their own custom candles.

Each purchase brings us closer to our goals, & keeps us handcrafting beautiful products just for you. ❤️