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There’s a bit of something for everyone at Mahatma Candles LLC & if you enjoy luxury & spirituality then you’re in a safe space.

The Normies

The Normies

If spirituality & magic isn’t your thing but you still wanna be... 

Angel Number / Crystal Candles.

Angel Number / Crystal Candles.

Yes our shi* works but you have to do the work too!... 

We’re spiritual & environmentally conscious!

Each & every product is hand-crafted in small batches using only the finest quality of eco friendly materials to ensure it’s perfect quality just for you.

  • Get the best burn out of your candle.

    Some simple yet effective candle caring tips!

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  • This months bestseller!

    Smells absolutely amazing! Helped with my insomnia & even assisted me setting the mood for my daily yoga & meditation practices.


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Shift your mood, Spritz with intention! 🪄🧿

Intention Mists.

Intention Mists.

A luxurious multipurpose magically mixed mist to use anywhere for everything, ritualistic practices...